Association "Bulgarian-Romanian Trans-border Mediation Institute" (BRTMI)

Association "Bulgarian-Romanian Trans-borderMediation Institute" (BRTMI) was established in June 2009 under the Law for non-profit and works in public benefit and in support of civil society on national and trans-border level. The association is registered in the Ministry of Justice Central Register for non-profit organizations under № 20090810002.

Association BRTMIwas established to bringing together the people, communities and economies of the Republic of Bulgaria and Romania, and to contribute through cross-border cooperation in civil matters to the sustainable socio-economic development of the border region. In this sense, the Association aims to promote the solving of inter-community, economic, interpersonal and other conflicts through legal means and in a peaceful manner. It strives to develop and propose innovative methods ofconflict resolutionbased on mediation and in accordance with European and international practice; training in innovative ways to solve various conflicts on the basis of mediation; cross-border exchange of information and mutual assistance in resolving conflicts; stimulate research and initiating changes in legislation for new more effective ways to solve conflicts; prevention of potential social, inter-community, economic, interpersonal and other conflicts.

Association BRTMIworks to promote various fields of alternative methods such as restorative justice for children, school mediation and lobbying for changes in legislation to include opportunities for the application of the above-mentioned forms of mediation.

In 2013,we establishedand licensedthe first in the Republic of Bulgaria Center for restorative justice for children, which is a specific service developed in accordance with the roadmap for implementation of the concept of state policy in the area of ​​justice for children, adopted on 02.03.2013 by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria (Roadmap 2013). At its core, the Center is a professional activity to children in conflict with the law and children in contact with the criminal justice system, whose main objective is to (re) directs children in conflict with the law outside the criminal justice system to a different way of solve the problem, mostly by applying restorative justice.

Association BRTMIis actively involved as a beneficiary and partner in several projects funded by EU programs and national operational programs aimed at the promotion of mediation.

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Association Institute of Conflict Resolution

Institute of Conflict Resolution (ICR), Sofia is an association of  lawyers,  researchers and  university professors. The ICR was founded in 2000 to help establish new forms of conflict resolution as a legitimate part of the Bulgarian legal system. 

It follows a number of objectives, including:  exploration of creative conflict resolution methods, based  on the culture  of  dialogue  and  in accordance  with  the  European and world  standards;  promotion of action for change;  practice of new skills and techniques like mediation, negotiation and other peaceful methods  for dispute  resolution, focusing  on  restorative justice (RJ); preventing violence, youth offending and other antisocial behaviour; protection of rights  of crime victims; strengthening  civil  society  and European integration.

ICR does research on crime prevention and criminal justice; disseminates information about human and victims' rights among all interested groups; supports public education aimed at increasing awareness about European values, promotes exchange of ideas and mutual help.

ICR  is  involved  in  promotion  of  restorative  justice in Bulgaria  and training  of  mediators and  is  a member  of  the National  Association  of  Mediators- Bulgaria. It  is  based  on  volunteers’' commitment, funded mainly  through  projects and  has a  Chair, Board  and  General Assembly.

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